Everything You Want To Know About Lab-Grown Diamonds

Sell Your Used Diamond Earrings
Sell Your Used Diamond Earrings
Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

It is possible for you to have doubts regarding lab grown diamonds, as these stones are produced in a laboratory artificially. Also, unlike the billions of years required for the creation of natural stones, diamonds created in the lab take only a few weeks to develop. So many people might think that these stones are not real.

But lab-created stones have all the properties and qualities of organic diamonds that are developed naturally. They are the same as natural diamonds in terms of their appearance, structure, and characteristics.

If you still have doubts about lab-grown diamonds, then we help to clarify them through this article.

Do Lab Grown Diamonds And Organic Diamonds Have Similar Physical Properties?

Yes. Diamonds created in the lab have the same chemical, physical, as well as optical properties as diamonds naturally formed under the earth. Hence, they cannot be distinguished easily with naked eyes.

How Experts Differentiate Lab-Grown Diamonds From Natural Ones?

Even gemological experts may not be able to identify a man-made diamond from a natural one with naked eyes. They use the aid of magnifying lenses to find out whether a stone is natural or lab-created.

Both natural and lab-grown stones can have inclusions. But certain types of inclusions are present only in natural diamonds including pinpoint inclusions, cloud inclusions, feathering, etc. Similarly, inclusions like metallic inclusions are only found in lab-produced diamonds. Such inclusions can be helpful for gemological experts to differentiate between organic diamonds and artificial ones.

Another important factor that can help to identify natural diamonds is the presence of nitrogen. The abundance of nitrogen found under the earth might give natural diamonds a yellow color. But nitrogen won’t be present in lab-grown diamonds.

Do Lab-Created Stones Shine Like Natural Diamonds?

Engagement Rings
Engagement Rings

Yes. Both lab-created and natural stones can exhibit brilliant sparkle. Similarly, you can get artificial diamonds in a wide array of colors just like natural diamonds.

Are Artificial Diamonds As Strong As Natural Ones?

Both of these stones carry the same structural and chemical properties. So diamonds created inside a laboratory will be as strong and durable as their organic versions.

Is A Lab-Created Stone The Same As Cubic Zirconia?

No. Even though cubic zirconia might look like diamonds, they are not real diamonds. It is also less strong and durable than diamonds. But artificial diamonds are real diamonds just like your natural diamonds.

So do not hesitate to buy lab-grown diamonds for your engagement rings, as they are as real, strong, durable, and brilliant as your natural diamonds. They also create an affordable and ethical alternative for natural stones.

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