Reasons To Think About Purchasing Lab Diamond Jewelry

Old Mine Cut
Old Mine Cut
Lab-Grown Earrings
Lab-Grown Earrings

Diamonds are admired for their clarity, sparkle and beauty. The luminous stones have been utilized for several applications, including conveying class and style. For a love-locked couple, a diamond is a token of purity, devotion and fidelity that bridges the deep division between the state of being unmarried and matrimony.

Diamond mining has been having a humanitarian and ethical effect over time. As per a recent survey, Gen-Z and millennial customers, who buy more diamond rings for engagements than others, find sustainability a concern. There was an element of mystery around the source of diamonds for retailers, but movies such as Blood Diamond have cleared it somewhat. Those movies highlight the tragedies around conflict diamonds and contribute to a better picture of where brands get their imports.

Lab-grown diamond retailers can overcome the mystery while offering customers full clarity on their products. Numerous customers purchase lab diamonds since they view these as an ethical version of mined diamonds.

More Reasons Why You Should Buy Lab Diamonds


Unlike natural diamonds, the process of fashioning a diamond at a lab is pretty expedited. It only takes a few days to make a diamond at a lab. The process involves exposing diamond slivers to extreme pressure and heat levels or ionizing the slivers with technology comparable to laser or microwave.


Lab-made diamonds and jewelry set with these stones are affordable. Even the world’s biggest retailers offer the products for up to 40% less than conventional diamonds. The lower rates and better jewelry designs contributed to more customer interest in lab diamonds. Imagine finding that pair of lab grown earrings that you have long been dreaming of at a fraction of the natural stone-set jewelry piece’s cost.


Diamond Rings
Diamond Rings

As with mined diamonds, lab diamonds are also real. The lone distinction is that these are created at a lab. After all, diamonds are diamonds, whether these were mined or made in factories. Checking the lasered certificate number of the stone is a way to tell a lab diamond and mined diamond apart. Only a trained professional can do it with the naked eye.


Lab diamonds are available in an array of styles, shapes and cuts just like mined diamonds. You can pick between ultra-modern, vintage-style and romantic lab diamond engagement rings. There are jewelers that offer lab diamond jewelry pieces in a variety of customizations as well.

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