How To Care For Pink Diamonds?

Near Colorless Diamonds
Near Colorless Diamonds
Diamond Rings
Diamond Rings

People feel that diamonds are quite common, but natural diamonds are rare. As for pink diamonds, they are so rare that you can fit an entire year’s supply into your hand. It may not be the case with pink lab grown diamonds, but many people usually seek their natural counterparts thanks to the sentimental value associated with those stones.

A pink diamond makes for fine jewelry like all other diamond types, but there is something about the color that causes it to be a hot product. The hue offers a feminine and romantic vibe as well as beautifully complements the person who rocks it. You can turn it into a stunning jewelry piece.

Now, if you already own a pink diamond jewelry piece, you might wonder how to maintain the beauty of the product. It is just what we will discuss here.

Do All Pink Diamonds Come From The Earth?

To cut the long story short, no. Artificial pink diamond rings are also available in the market. It is just that pink diamonds from a mine in Australia are rarer than their artificial counterparts. Only Australia’s Argyle Mine location mined pink diamonds. It means that there is an extremely limited pink diamond supply situation that contributes to the costly price tag of the product.

Unfortunately, the mine in Australia is closed and every stock has been cleared out. Therefore, the attention shifts to artificial pink diamonds, which resemble natural stones. Artificial diamonds and natural diamonds are so identical that you could place both next to each other and would be unable to differentiate between the two.

Caring For Pink Diamonds

Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

A diamond is not a cloth in that you cannot easily replace it due to a factor such as considerable wear and tear. Therefore, it is a good idea to give your diamond some more TLC.

You should know when not to wear the stone, which is the most significant tip about caring for it. Why? Because chlorine bleach and some other substances can contribute to pink diamond discoloration.

Be sure to avoid wearing the diamond as you do rough chores at home. Wearing it at that time can contribute to chipping or the stone falling out of its setting. Do not touch the stone when your hand is oily to avoid oil from the skin from getting transferred to it.

Besides, visit a jeweler once per year to ensure that your jewelry piece has no loose diamonds and is clean.

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