What To Look For In A Diamond Certificate?

Lab Grown Diamond Earrings
Lab Grown Diamond Earrings
Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

Buying diamonds with quality certificates is extremely important to determine their value and whether they are worth the money you spend. The diamond certificate is a credential that proves the quality and authenticity of the diamond. All reputable jewelers offer diamond certificates from reputable labs like the GIA, IGI, and AGS. If a diamond dealer does not offer these certificates, then be warned, as they might be selling low-quality diamonds for a higher price.

There are certain important factors mentioned in a diamond certificate that can be helpful for you to determine the quality of a diamond. Some of the important quality parameters that you should look for in the grading certificate of your stone are listed below:

The Origin Of The Diamond

You have to find out if you are getting natural stones or lab grown diamonds. With the wide popularity gained by lab-grown/synthetic diamonds, a lot of jewelers are now selling these stones, as they are very cheaper than natural ones. Additionally, synthetic diamonds create a more ethical alternative to mined stones.

The value of natural diamonds can be significantly higher than synthetic ones, and so is their price. Therefore, it is important for you to avoid paying a huge price for an artificial diamond. You cannot determine whether a diamond is natural or artificial just by looking at it. So the diamond certificate is the only document that helps you to find out the origin of your stone.

Hence, when getting a diamond, check the grading certificate to know whether it is natural or artificial.

The Quality Parameters

Diamond Rings
Diamond Rings

Different quality parameters are used to determine the value of diamonds. They might vary based on the gemological lab that grades the diamond. But there are certain common basic quality attributes that are important for diamonds. Some of them include:

The Color

Make sure to check the color grade of your diamond to know whether there are any visible tints in the stone. The GIA usually gives a grade between D and F for colorless stones and when the grade progresses from G to Z, the visibility of the tint can increase.

The Clarity

This parameter helps you to find out whether there are any visible inclusions and blemishes in the diamond.

The Cut

It is used to denote the symmetry and perfection of the cut of the stone.

The Carat Weight

The diamond certificate will contain the accurate carat weight of your diamond irrespective of whether they are mounted or loose.

So when getting your diamond rings, make sure to look for all these attributes in the grading report to determine the quality of your stone.

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