Why Should You Choose An Illusion Setting For Lab Grown Diamonds?

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An illusion setting may be excellent for you if you desire a big diamond but do not have the funds for it, or if you just want a distinctive diamond ring design. Illusion ring settings are carefully designed to amplify the diamond’s size and create the impression of a bigger diamond. While this ring style has several variations, the overall aim is the same – to fool the eye into thinking the diamond is a huge solitaire.

In this article, we will take a look at the illusion setting and why many people are choosing it for lab-grown diamonds.

Illusion Setting: What Is It?

The illusion setting gets its name from the fact that it makes a diamond look bigger than it actually is. The goal of an illusion setting is to make a diamond appear larger by cleverly arranging the metal around it. From a distance, the metal is made to resemble the facets of a diamond, making the diamond appear larger and more brilliant.

The illusion setting was created in the 1850s in order to increase the size of little diamonds by modifying the stone’s setting. This idea, dubbed “the phantom setting,” became popular as a less expensive alternative to purchasing a huge diamond. The illusion setting may be seen in many vintage designs, demonstrating how a little diamond can be transformed into an exceptional piece of jewelry when meticulously fashioned by a professional designer.

Why Are People Choosing Illusion Setting?

The biggest advantage of an illusion setting is that you can choose a smaller diamond and save money on your ring. As you may know, the price of a diamond rises exponentially as the size of the stone increases. That means a 1.0-carat diamond would be significantly more expensive than four 0.25-carat diamonds combined. This is due to the fact that larger, higher-quality diamonds are rarer and thus more difficult to find.

Illusion sets are usually incredibly intricate, innovative, and one-of-a-kind. They, like other diamond jewelry, are simple to keep and clean. Simply use a gentle soap and a soft brush or towel to clean your stone.

Cons Of Illusion Setting

Lab-Grown Diamonds
Lab-Grown Diamonds

There’s no disputing that an illusion setting helps your diamond to look bigger, but it’s only a trick of the eye. You’ll notice that the stone appears to be considerably smaller than it actually is.

Some people may find the illusion setting to be overly bright and detailed. A basic solitaire design ring can be a better alternative if you want a simple look with subdued glitter.

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