What To Know About Spread Diamonds?

Old Mine Cut
Old Mine Cut
Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

The cut of a diamond can have a great impact on its appeal and size. Ideal cut diamonds have the best quality and the right proportions. They are designed to reflect and refract the maximum amount of light entering the stone. Ideal cut diamonds will have an optimal length and width.

However, a lot of people prefer bigger diamonds for their engagement rings. Ideal cut diamonds with bigger sizes will have higher carat weights, hence, they can be costly. Therefore, these stones may not be affordable for everyone. However, it is now possible for you to get bigger diamond rings for more affordable rates by getting spread diamonds. If you are wondering what spread diamonds are, then read along to know more about them.

What Are Spread Diamonds?

Spread diamonds are stones that are cut in a way to maximize their size instead of brilliance. These stones can be bigger than their counterparts with an ideal cut.

Spread diamonds will be cut shallower than ideal-cut diamonds. These stones deviate from the measurements of a standard-cut diamond. When you compare an ideal-cut diamond and a spread diamond from the side, the spread diamonds will lack depth. Hence, spread diamonds will be wider than normal diamonds. The additional width attained by reducing the depth makes spread stones look bigger.

Why Get Spread Diamonds?

If you want to get a bigger diamond without paying a huge amount, then spread diamonds can be a great option for you. Spread diamonds can be less expensive than ideal-cut diamonds of the same carat weight.

The wider the diamond is, the less expensive it can be. When the width of a spread diamond increases, the more its deviation from the standard measurements. Hence, the more a diamond varies from the ideal cut, the lower can be its price.

Drawbacks Of Spread Diamonds

Diamond Rings
Diamond Rings

Even though spread diamonds can be a great option to get bigger diamonds for lower price ranges, they will be less brilliant than an ideal-cut diamond. As these stones are shallower, their ability to reflect and refract light will be low. Therefore, these stones will have less sparkle and shine.

So if you are looking for a very shiny diamond, then spread diamonds may not be a good option for you. If you want bigger diamonds with higher quality and great brilliance for more affordable rates, then it is better to go for lab grown diamonds. These stones will have lower price ranges but better quality. Hence, they can be a wonderful alternative to natural diamonds.

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