How To Choose A Ring Setting That Makes Your Diamond Look Bigger?

Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds
Engagement Rings
Engagement Rings

Getting bigger diamonds might not be an affordable option for everyone because of the huge price ranges associated with these stones. But the right ring setting can make your diamond look bigger so that you can get larger rings for more affordable rates. The following are some of the important tips you have to be aware of if you prefer bigger engagement rings.

A Higher Carat Weight Does Not Mean A Bigger Size

Just because you purchase a diamond with a higher carat weight does not always imply that it has a bigger appearance. The size of the diamond can be greatly dependent on how they are cut. If the cut is shallow, the diamond can have a bigger look, however, the brilliance and sparkle of this stone will be low.

Diamonds with a deep cut will look smaller, as more weight will be distributed below the girdle of the stone.

Some Diamond Shapes Can Have A Bigger Look

Certain diamond shapes like pear, marquise, princess, oval, etc. have a bigger look. So if you want a diamond with a larger appearance, then it is better to get these stones instead of round diamonds.

Choose A White Metal Band

If you have a colorless stone, it is better to get white metals like platinum or white gold, as they can perfectly complement your diamond thereby enhancing its size. Hence, make sure to choose a white metal for your band if you want to create the illusion of size for your ring.

Choose A Thinner Band

Choosing a thinner band might help to give more emphasis to the stone. This can be useful to create a bigger illusion for your diamond.

Be Careful When Choosing Thinner Prongs

Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

A lot of people believe that by choosing thinner prongs for their ring, it might be possible to make the stone look bigger. This can be technically correct, however, choosing thinner prongs can have certain disadvantages. Prongs are responsible for securing the stones, hence, if they are thin, they can get damaged easily thereby increasing the risk of losing the stone.

Choose Illusion Setting

The illusion setting covers the stone with the metal of the band to create the illusion of size. This can be a cost-effective way to enhance the size of your ring.

Choose Halo, Pave, Or Channel Settings

All these settings come with additional stones. Hence, the overall brilliance caused by these stones can offer a bigger appearance to your center stone.

If you want a stone with a higher carat weight for your engagement ring, then it is better to get lab grown diamonds. As they are less expensive than natural ones, you can get a bigger diamond for the amount you save.

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